1,000 $FREET

Make an empty transaction (0 Ether) to this automatic distribution address and get 1,000 $FREET instantly for free:

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You do not have Ether or even a wallet yet? start here.
*Distribution limited to 1,000 $FREET per ethereum address
**Standard Ethereum network fees will apply. Make sure to set the gaz limit above 100,000 as you are interacting with a simple contract.
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What is $FREET?

$FREET is the people's cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain.
An ERC20 token given for free.

$FREET is not mintable nor pausable (we could not create more $FREET).

Total Supply & final supply is: 1,000,000,000 $FREET.

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$FREET Distribution

1st arrived, 1st served.

100% of the total supply is available through the distribution contract.

Distribution contract set a distribution cap at 1,000 $FREET per address.

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Some more questions?

Why create a token for free?
Simple, Free Token is the cryptocurrency of the people. It is the future of cryptocurrencies.

But hey! Could someone get all the stock if it is for free?
No he cannot. The distribution is capped at 1,000 $FREET per address. To get all the stock someone would need to make 1,000,000 transactions with 1,000,000 different addresses. This is impossible because of the gaz (even through multi-sender applications).

But if you want more $FREET, feel free to get more by sending 0 Ether (ETH) to the distribution contract with another Ethereum address.

Will $FREET ever have a value some day?
When $FREET will be HODL by 1 million users it will surely have the value of the people.
And when someone decides to create a liquidity pool on Uniswap then $FREET will start to be tradable against any other cryptocurrencies. 

Any catch?
Free Token source code is available on Github as well as on (all contracts are verified and consultable).

Can I tip $FREET creators?
Yes indeed, you can tip $FREET creators by sending Ether (ETH) to the creators' address

Ethereum addresses

  • Token address: 0x8c1b9072F78FfB869C817453dE44b2101C4DE645
  • Distribution contract: 0x9718e2D4A34fa9981c656C56694D301a43EBbad2
  • Creator's address: 0x43621b2dc33FAf55c50f9713CD20f0119d8a7646
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